Saturday, April 07, 2007

One thing, one issue, one question, one predicament has been hounding me on and on and on and on for the past few days. I've tried ignoring it and reasoning my way out of it, and persuading myself to forget about it, but still it haunts me. He was there, he was right there, and most importantly, he was willing! But no, i had to be too dazed and dazzled by the oppurtunity that i missed my chance.

.......... Why didn't i hug him?

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Death Note 2 post: because it's too much for mah brain (spoilers galore)

*camera pans to a close up shot of Raito and L liek inches away from each other*

L: *stares at Raito* (ohthebishieitkills)
Raito: *stares at L* I know you need me, L

Me: *pfffttttttt* HAHAHAHA
Cinema: *stares*

*rest of Investigators leave for US, leaving our two heroes*

Raito to L:....Alone at last.

Cinema: *stares* O_O

OMG death note is SO MUCH FANSERVICE i just die watching it. I sincerely regret not watching it with the CF ppl, i can imagine what sort of reaction you guys would be having, all 15 of you in the cinema =D Oh the BL undertones, oh the RaitoxL pairing fanservice... i was having the time of my life.

Did you see Takada Kiyomi's legs? No, i mean, how could you not... the girl has damn sexy legs and they wasted not a moment to show em off.

I must say they did an excellent job on the movie... it satisfies every fan: those who wanted L to die, and those who wanted L to live, and those who love Kira and those who hate Kira... I am so glad they did not kill Yagami sr. because i think he is SO DAMN COOL he's even better than his manga counterpart O_o Matsuda is so cute i wish they gave him more screentime... but why WHY DID THEY KILL WATARI DDD8 i was so fond of him. Like a Japanese Alfred to his Batman.

But my one and only will always and forever be L. Ryuuzaki. His tako-face mask. *cries* as JL said, the fella would've died of diabetes anyway =_= I cannot begin to describe how much i love how accurately his actor portrayed him. Did anyone catch L's name in the Death Note? O_o

If you haven't watched death note, pls do so =D it's a bit confusing if you haven't read the comic but still. It's worth it just for L *nodsnods* Those of you (yeah, you) who wants to flame this movie in this blog, stay away pls. I'm tellin you this NICELY.

... fangirl posting is fun ^ ^ Kage

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

"That controversial post Kage made..."

OK OK time to clear up more misconceptions. For those who just arrived to check out what's going on with 'that post', let me summarise for you; one day Kage felt displeased with all the wrong ideas her fellow ex-classmates have been having about her and Jia Ling, and decided to rebutt all those unasked questions, along with additional stuff concerning members of shidio who are 'left out' of the action.
But due to my (i admit) extremely sarcastic words, it has caused a lot of misunderstandings. Since i know no one is going to come forward and actually ask me what the heck is going on, let me now tell you so you can stop bothering Geri. Cos in case you haven't noticed; she has got nothing to do with me writing that post.

Pls read properly. I said; only to those who have made such assumptions. So, if you have, and you admit you have, that's great. How am i supposed to know who really thinks that way? That's why this post doesn't have NAMES in it.

I said i know about the love relationships. Did i say who? You and i know there is. More like there ARE. Dude, it's college life. Having a love life is not an embarrasing or uncommon thing.

Did i say i hated any of you? I DON'T! It is because i DON'T WANT TO END UP HATING MY EX CLASS that i wrote the post, i needed people to know what's really going on and accept us who are not within your group as we are! In the first place, i never hated any of you and it's painful for me to hear that some of you feel that i do. That's why i wrote that post! So you nkow i don't hate you! If because of the post you think i hate you then it's totally defeated my point.

I WAS angry, why else would i write it. But i'm not anymore, and it is because of some kind people who weren't afraid to admit their thoughts and commented on that post. I had fully expected you people to cha me to death or likewise, but you didn't. And it really humbled me.

So, in conclusion, i hope the situation has been cleared up and we have reached a compromise that neither of us hate the other. Okay? And for goodness sakes don't feel bad about it forever and ever, what's done is done, all thats left is to learn and live on. I don't believe in a friendship where we have doubts about each other behind our backs, and this is to clear it up.

Thanks for reading and have a good day. And if i didn't say hi to you today, "Hi!" and "Take care!"

Friday, January 19, 2007

Hello dead blog!

*inhales* this place smells as musty and abandoned as i thought.
Well i know i said i would never update anymore but here i am, totally bored out of my wits and needing to rant. Or ruminate, actually.

It's been almost 2 years of The One Academy life. Well, actually, it's more like taken AWAY any semblance of life i have. Everyday is monotonous, consisting of assignments and procrastinating said assignments. This term seems far more stressful than any other and i'm already dying despite it being only my second week. I don't know if the rest of you feel as i do, maybe you guys are having SO MUCH FUN in your major *snigger*

I find my life OUTSIDE of college (oh wait, didn't i just say i didn't have one? lol) to be SO much more exciting and fun. Honestly, if not for my involvement in Comic Fiesta, outings with friends, family time, INTERNET and utterly spontaneous outings with Jia Ling, i really would have no life, and become a TOA zombie (like *some* people i know)

You know... i love my class. I love them to bits. At the beginning i was extremely apprehensive about this small class full of mandarin speaking, non-KL people. But after half a year with them, i feel they're the best classmates anyone can have. It's not like i know them very well, in fact i know them even less than i know most CD055-1 students. But gads, these people are the nicest most amiable dudes you can find on the planet. Our relationship is as platonic as i like it, good enough to have a good laugh and a drink, but not too deep that DRAMA and EMO and BACKSTABBING problems happen *hinthint* in fact, i don't think they're even capable of backstabbing. They're just too honest and nice.

But lets not forget CD055-1. I miss hanging out with some of you guys... it's been awhile eh? But any meetings we have, coincidental though it be, is precious to me. And please. Don't make speculations just because i or JL don't join some of you in your camarederieoutings. In answer to your question (in which i believe i speak for more than the both of us)

1. Where's your shidio spirit?
My good fellow, from my pov it looks like 'shidio' has been boiled down to 'just-a-few-people-o' so i assume whatever spirit you're talking about only applies to those who are actually within said group.

2. But it's your fault, you never join us when we ask you to!
When have you ever asked us to? = )

3. Yes we did! That's what the class blog is for!
If you expect us to check on that half-dead blog on a constant basis, you're asking too much. By the time we get news, it's usually eons too late.

4....that's not an excuse.
dude, we have a different schedule and in general, a different life. I would love to make time for it, but you do realise i don't build my life around your events and most of the time I REALLY CANNOT MAKE IT COS I AM HALF-DEAD or have earlier commitments.

5. What about just joining us for lunch and stuff?
Oh sure. Why not? When do we ever have breaks that clash anyway. Oh wait, that was the main reason why.

6. You hate us, we know it. *sob*
I have more better things to do in life than to hate people who have done nothing to deserve my hate. You do think too highly of yourselves if that's your opinion.

7. what about shidio studios?
What ABOUT shidio studios? Considering you took the name shidio and plastered it there oh-so-big and never once mentioned who is who despite it being a company, i am safe to assume we are ALL a part of it? = ) Oh if you ever get into a big discussion about who is going to be its board of directors, i do suggest Crystal seeing she's about the only person who's actually into the idea in the first place. So, board of directors= Crystal. Yeah, seems that way. Oh, me? Just remember to put my name in little letters somewhere readable that says: name of company, copyrighted to Kagetaka, pls do not steal. Considering it has ALREADY been stolen by this company.

8. You don't even bother to keep track of us.
Are you kidding? I know more about what's going on amongst you than you yourselves know. Mouths speak for they know no secret in silence. just because we dont see you often doesn't mean we don't know what's going on. And frankly, i am disgusted at whats going on. But it makes really good fodder for gossip. Do you see the love and enmity triangles and quadrangles building up among you? Its so amazing its like watching a movie. Or a self destructing plushie. Face it, we all know whats happening internally. Do you want to acknowledge it or not is all.

My, my. This HAS become a rant.

I wonder when someone is actually going to read this and then start bombarding me with accusatory looks and hurt expressions. Of course, i'll always be the one to be blamed for not making enough effort, huh? Who am i to talk against a group of elitist dudes who only wants to spread the friendship and love. (do you hear my sarcasm?) but don't worry, i'm not verbally abusing all of you. Just those deluded... DELUDED (in caps because this is so important) with the idea that CD055-1 is compulsorily and naturally, a unit and a whole. Dream on, dream on. Do you not realise its the consequence of your own hypocritical nature that we aren't as you expect? You have hurt more people than you will ever realise because you are too blind to see it.

In summary LAY OFF US. STOP MAKING ASSUMPTIONS ABOUT US. AND ACTUALLY LIVE UP TO YOUR WORDS. i do sound like a bitter old lady don't i? actually this is a load of stuff i have wanted to get off my back for a long long time. I have kept quiet cos i know saying it out will cause problems. But let it not cause problems ok? Your opinion of me will surely change, but my opinions of you remain the same. Prove me wrong? Solve yourselves before you attempt that. Or you can just ignore all this, pretend you never read it and go on dreaming. But i tell you someday reality is going to pull your big head out of the clouds and smash it to the ground until you bleed. How do i know this? i've been there.

Dont bother to comment. i've heard all your excuses already anyway.

Saturday, July 15, 2006


Because voices are shouting in my head
Because silence is shouting in my head
Because voices and silence are in my head

~Kage hates Typography~

Thursday, June 22, 2006

I'm sorry daddy...

i've tried very hard to be your "good girl" but i can't... i've been really unhappy.
i dont like to be at home 24 7 doing assignments and nothing else but that. i just want you to understand that i really need my family's support in whatever i'm doing.

what makes you think that i dont care bout my studies anymore? and i care alot about this family you know....

all i wanted is that you can have a little faith in me..

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Obviously, you will read it anyway..

i've been thinking a lot lately... should i help my friend or should i just leave it..
but somebody.. some of you really should know/accept the fact.. or stop being stubborn (randomly addressing to some of you)

- one of my friend(she's cute and slim and shortest in her group),she speaks mandarin alot and currently studying in The One Academy told me that she loves her boyfriend very very much and will not betray him... *if you dont know what that means... then you are hopeless..*

- i dont understand why you always blame yourself for nothing and always seek somebody to forgive you. how are they suppose to forgive you when you havent done anything wrong? have to forgive yourself and live happy.. no one is gonna help you if you dont help yourself, darling..
i know life is hard and i'm pretty sure it's not just you alone are going through all this shit.. you dont trust anyone, not even yourself and make yourself so moody and down all the time for months already... come on!! stand up and strong!! life isn't that bad ok?? and face it, many of them are worse than your situation... (addresing to my cousin)

- if you are wondering why i dont talk to you much anymore.. we probably share the same opinion and thoughts about each other. i wonder sometimes.. when people tell me that they felt betrayed, and put the blame on me, have they ever thought from my side of view? everyone knew that i felt really horrible last term but some people just dont understand and blame me for not being there for them...( aren't you're the one who suppose to be there for me?? but i didn't mind cos i thought you probably have your own problems troubling you) and i'm sorry if i haven't been an 'ideal' good friend. can anyone tell me what is an 'ideal' friend??

-i believe when you said you always got's becos you felt frustrated and you want something nice to hear or need someone to tell you something nice but not naggings and $^@#^@!#! ^@$^#&.... (i think you know what i mean). so when people @^@$%@#!%##!@ when you are frustrated, you suddenly feel like killin that person.. and you got angry.. so do what ever that makes you feel better...(including killing,i'm serious)

- well at some point, i felt lost too doubting my own choice of study and whether am i at the right direction to my future.. go somewhere where people will admire and praise your skills at drawing...
listen to what they said about how great you are and finally you will think that you are at the right course afterall... (that's was what i did at least >.< !!! malunya!!) - some guys are really too egoistic.. - i'm not emoing.. just thought that it's better if someone knows about it.. i'm perfectly fine with my life now in ad0551. i need more comics... >@<..

okay. i'm done. geri.